How can you use your Spiritual Gifts and Serve?

A sure way to feel connected and to make friends is to do something you love that supports the ministries of the church. Here are just a few ways to be part of the community of OPPC: 

  • Carry the Light of Christ: To serve as an acolyte for worship (grades 3-5), contact Lisa Foley at 317-846-2903 or [email protected].
  • Serve our Children or Youth: To help with Children’s Ministries, contact  Rev. Kim Olson at 317-844-1107 or [email protected]. To help with Youth  Ministries, contact Rev. Jenni Crowley Cartee at 317-844-1107 or [email protected].
  • Clothe Our Neighbors: To help maintain our clothing supply and deliver specific orders to local schools, contact Lynne Davis (Clothesline Ministry) at 317-581-1578 or [email protected].
  • Offer Hospitality: To help host Sunday Morning coffee, contact Sandy Magner at 317-846-5284 or [email protected].
  • Make a Joyful Noise: To participate in Sanctuary Choir, hand bells or Choristers, or to help with sound or slides, contact Mike Pietranczyk at 317-844-1107 or [email protected]. To play or sing with the Praise Team, contact  Molly Schmidt at 317-844-1107 or [email protected].
  • Assist in the Church Office: To help with clerical projects, contact Valerie Saum at 317-844-1107 or [email protected].
  • Welcome and Greet: Be the face of God for another person walking into worship on Sunday mornings, contact Connie Cohrs at 317-692-1901 or [email protected].
  • Help Lead Worship or Usher: To assist with liturgy or serve as an usher on Sunday mornings, contact Nancy Stamm at 317-450-0596 or [email protected].
  • Tend the Grounds: Get your vitamin D and exercise while mowing or weeding in summer or shoveling the walk in winter. Contact Scott Crist at 317-581-1984 or [email protected].
  • Make a Meal or Serve Food: To help provide meals for members with major life events, including funerals, contact Jim Higgins at 317-842-4307or [email protected]
  • Drive a Neighbor: To help drive people to worship, contact Dawn Morgan-Crouse at 317-571-8005 or [email protected].