We are called by Christ to love others as He has loved us, to be His hands and feet in the world, to respond with compassion to people in need - as if they are Christ Himself, and to serve humankind by discerning what God is doing in the world and joining Him in that work. 

At Orchard Park we commit 10% of our tithes and offerings and many hours of service and support to our mission partnerships.  There are many opportunities for hands-on service for people of all ages and abilities.  We invite you to join us as we live out the promise that God has blessed us so that we may bless and serve others.

Local/Regional Missions


Beepball is a sport that is loosely based on softball and allows those who are blind and visually impaired to continue competing in competitive sports despite losing their vision.  All players must wear a blindfold and there are only 2 bases.  One at first, and one at third.  There are six players in the outfield along with two sighted “spotters”.  The pitcher, catcher, and batter are on the same team.  When the batter hits the ball (which is beeping), one of the two bases will start to buzz.  Once the ball is hit, if the batter can tag the base before one of the outfielders gets the ball, a run is scored.  If the outfield gets the ball, it is an out. 

 The Beepball World Series takes place in late July or early August of every year and consists of teams from all over the United States and the world, including Taiwan, Canada and the Dominican Republic.  Volunteers are always needed to assist practices, driving to tournaments, and at games.  Individuals interested in volunteering should contact Liaa Michaels at (317) 437-7345 or Liaafc91@yahoo.com.

 If you're interested in joining the to team you can get more information about the sport at www.nbba.org

 Xtreme Beepball
OPPC is one of the sponsors for an Indianapolis beep baseball club.  Beepball is an adaptive sport for those who are blind and visually impaired, and they have competed with teams across the United States, please visit their website.

Camp Pyoca

Pyoca Camp, Conference & Retreat Center is a Presbyterian camp supported by the members of OPPC. Camp Pyoca, as it is known to most, hosts a variety of programs to bring individuals closer to Christ.

Located in Brownstown, Indiana (about two hours south of Indianapolis), the camp offers a secluded location and overnight accommodations. Camp Pyoca’s summer program serves 660 youth, who are entering grades 2-12 in partial and week long events. Camp Pyoca also serves as an excellent location for weekend and/or week-long retreats.

OPPC supports Pyoca with annual financial support, volunteer participation, work teams and prayer.

If you like more information on Camp Pyoca, please visit their website.

Clothesline Ministries

This mission project was initiated at the end of 2015 and is now fully underway.  Orchard Park Presbyterian Church members, or friends and family members of our congregation, may donate excess clothing, household items, furniture or anything else of value, to any local Goodwill Store. These donated items may be used to earn vouchers, that can be used to purchase things of need, from any Goodwill Store to help support this mission.

Additionally, clothing – appropriately sized for children of elementary school ages – may be brought to the Church and dropped off in the collection bin, labeled “Clothesline Ministries”. This program is designed to serve the needs of families that do not have the resources or money to purchase clothing for their own families.  Many elementary students at Orchard Park Elementary School, in our own neighborhood, are in need of clothing, and this program is designed to fulfill their needs. 

If you would like to donate or if you are in need , please contact Lynne Davis or by calling the church office at 317-844-1107.

Good News Mission

Good News Mission is a support center for the homeless located on Indianapolis’ eastside. We support their efforts by contributing funds to the organization each year.

If you are in need, know someone in need or if you'd like more information on Good News Mission, please visit their website at: www.goodnewsministries.com

Harvest Christian Fellowship

OPPC has an ongoing relationship with Harvest Christian Fellowship. Harvest Christian Fellowship is an inner city church in Indianapolis that OPPC supports as a local mission. This relationship has blossomed into a friendship that has enabled us to provide assistance to this growing church in the form of volunteers for special events, medical screenings for community days and other activities to help them reach out to those in need in the neighborhoods surrounding their church.

If you would like more information on Harvest Christian Fellowship, please contact Pastor Willie Sparks at 317-927-9334.

Here's Life Inner City (Chicago)

Here's Life Inner City's mission is to serve and mobilize the church to live out God's heart for the poor and fulfill the Great Commission. This is accomplished through networking with and providing resources to inner city ministries and churches in Chicago. The organization provides meals for the hungry; support groups for those struggling with addictions; school supplies for children in need; and several other programs of evangelism and discipleship to assist families in crisis, including after school activities for children and groups geared specifically to teens.

OPPC sponsors this program by providing financial support. Our missionary in this program is Linda Cotton, Associate City Director.

If you like more information on Here's Life Inner City (Chicago), please visit their website at: www.hlicchicago.org

Interfaith Hospitality Network

The Indianapolis Interfaith Hospitality Network (IHN) operates under the umbrella of Family Promise of Greater Indianapolis and is a ministry of hope for homeless families in the Indianapolis area. IHN coordinates overnight emergency shelter in hosting congregations throughout the Indianapolis area and operates a day center in the downtown area of Indianapolis.

OPPC hosts the familities on a rotational basis a week at a time four times a year.  We provide overnight shelter, dinner and breakfast each day, and Christian fellowship. A team of volunteers  from OPPC coordinates the week o f activities for the guests, including transporting the guests to and from the day center, cooking and servings meals, engaging in evening activities with the guests, and chaperoning the guests during their overnight stays.

If you would like more information, know someone needing these services or are wanting to volunteer with IHN at OPPC, please call Emily Browning (317-847-9827) or Bob Browning (317-250-0308).


The volunteers of the Kairos Prison Ministry are called by God to share the love of Christ with those impacted by incarceration.  Kairos programs offer to prison residents, their families, and those who work with them, the opportunity to receive God’s forgiveness through faith in Jesus Christ, and to grow in their faith   and servanthood in Christian community.  Kairos volunteers come from all walks of life.  They all share a desire to follow Christ’s admonition of Matthew 25:36, “I was in prison and you visited me.”

If you feel God’s call to learn more about this prison ministry, contact Chuck Gill at 317-846-2967 or Bill Farrar at 317-289-9170.

Thanksgiving Dinners and Joint Music Programs with Harvest Christian

From the relationship that formed between Harvest Christian Fellowship and OPPC, musical collaborations between music directors Michael Pietranczyk (OPPC) and Maurice Woolfolk (HCF) began in 2012. Following a Thanksgiving Dinner attended by both congregations, Pietranczyk and Woolfolk began planning musical events combining forces from both congregations. On February 24, 2013, OPPC hosted the first Black History Celebration, a yearly event traditionally held at Harvest Christian Fellowship.  Musicians from both OPPC and Harvest Christian presented a program of spirituals, jazz, blues, and gospel music, celebrating African-Amerianc musical heritage and its influence on American sacred and popular music.  This program has become an annual event much enjoyed by our congregations.  

In addition, each Fall the ReGeneration Praise Band from OPPC joins with Woolfolk and the Praise Singers of Harvest Christian Fellowship providing music for their outdoor Fall Festival.  This event provides an opportunity for residents near Harvest Christian Fellowship to come and enjoy a free picnic lunch, raffle of home goods and appliances, receive free food and clothing.  The Orchard Park Mission committee sponsors entertainment for the children and youth who attend the event.  It's a wonderful outreach event for the less fortunate of our inner city. 

Lastly, following Thanksgiving of 2014, members of both congregations began a program known as "Operation: Share the Harvest."  The goal of the program was to provide Thanksgiving meals for 40 families near Harvest Christian Fellowship who have loved ones who are homebound, and may not be able to take advantage of other meal programs that are offered in the city.  Our congregations came together and jointly prepared food for nearly 200 people, and had it ready for pick-up, or delivered the meals to those who needed them.  The program was very successful, and was repeated in 2015, and will likely continue to be a program offered each year for those who may not have the opportunity to enjoy a home-cooked, Thanksgiving meal.

May God continue to bless our relationship with Harvest Christian Fellowship, and the good we seek to do for our local communities. 

Trinity Fellowship

Trinity Fellowship started at OPPC in the early 1990’s. This program meets at OPPC once a month to provide social activities for mentally and physically disabled people living in the Indianapolis area. A staple at our church for many years, this organization brings joy to so many people, who are often dependent on others for their care, by giving them an opportunity to get out of their usual environment and spend time just having fun.               

For more information on how you can help, please contact Al Atz by consulting your OPPC directory or by calling the OPPC office at 317-844-1107.

Warm Clothes for the Homeless

Warm Clothes for Indy’s Homeless (Clothing Drive) is a mission project each fall at OPPC. We collect warm clothing, including coats, hats, gloves, socks and blankets for the Indianapolis homeless. Volunteers and small groups collect and sort the clothing, then deliver the collected items to a distribution center in downtown Indianapolis.

International Missions

Covenant Hospital Network


This ministry began in 1995 to address the unmet medical needs of 30,000 people in Haiti's Central Plateau. Numerous Presbyterian churches banded together with Presbyterian Church U.S.A., The Medical Benevolence Foundation and the Episcopal Diocese of Haiti, to renovate and operate an abandoned twenty-two bed hospital.

Our goal was to have it Haitian-run in ten years. This was achieved, and the Haitian Ministry of Health currently runs the hospital. The prior partnership was dissolved.  Haiti is the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere, and the Haitian Ministry of Health does not have sufficient money for all operating costs so we formed Covenant Hospital Network (20+ Presbyterian Churches) and continue to help by buying medicine, funding a patient feeding program, making repairs and upgrades on facilities, trucks, water and electric systems, as well as providing work teams, which include surgical teams.

Currently, we supply the salaries for two doctors and an accountant. In addition to participation in CHN, Orchard Park directly provides birthing kits to the local midwives and sends donated medicine and medical supplies. We never expected the hospital to be fully self-sufficient because it serves a subsistent farming community, which is very poor.

For more information on how you can help, please contact Al Atz by consulting your OPPC directory or by calling the OPPC office at 317-844-1107.


Fountains of Hope

Fountains of Hope is a water purification ministry supported by OPPC.   Its mission is to empower and equip the body of Christ to provide life-sustaining water for all of God’s children.  Fountains of Hope attempts to expand this vision by continuing to build relationships with churches and other like-minded ministries and organizations.  They build personal relationships through the first-hand personal experience of taking safe water purifier systems to the world and provide safe drinking water to third world countries.

Visit their website at www.fountainsofhope.org for more information.

Haiti Community Support

When OPPC began working at Covenant Hospital in Haiti, we recognized that there were many opportunities to help the surrounding community. OPPC has supported their agricultural co-op, several nutrition centers, and students. Education is not free in Haiti, and it is especially difficult in a poor community like this. Some of the students maintained excellent records. They had always said that they had no possibilities when high school was completed. OPPC stepped in with possibilities.

OPPC has supported several students to graduate as a dentist, a seminary student, and two electronics technicians and is currently supporting sixth-year medical student, a third-year electrical engineering student, and a second-year diesel mechanic. Those that are able to will serve the Mombin Crochu community directly and those that cannot will work elsewhere and support their families back home. Other churches also support students and when we work at the hospital we usually get some help from our students. (If school is not in session.)

For more information on how you can help, please contact Al  or Becky Atz by consulting your OPPC directory or by calling the OPPC office at 317-844-1107.

Medical Supplies

Since our meager start in 1990, the Mission Committee has been collecting excess medical supplies and has either used them in Haiti or shipped them to other third world medical mission facilities. OPPC gets these donations from local hospitals and related organizations, as well as the National Guard and individuals. At the end of most major illnesses people have medical supplies they no longer need. We know where they can be used. In our biggest year we shipped more than six tons. Last year we shipped a 40 foot container. The prior year we found a home for 40 pallets of surgical gloves.

For more information on how you can help, please contact Al Atz or Becky Atz, or Pat Thomas by consulting your OPPC directory or by calling the OPPC office at 317-844-1107.

Presbyterian Mission Causes

Our members support the mission projects of the denomination. The life of our church as a whole organization revolves around our mission to serve God and others. We celebrate how Presbyterians serve together in projects in Indiana and abroad, with children and adults, during mission trips or Vacation Bible School, always sharing the Good News of God's love in Christ.

The Presbyterian Church (USA) and our local presbytery support various mission projects. The mission committee of OPPC supports these projects with annual pledges from the mission budget of the church.

If you like more information on Presbyterian Mission Causes, please visit their website.