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The Gift of Love

 This Advent Season, I have been writing and talking about the Advent Conspiracy, this idea that we can bring back the true meaning of this season, through four guiding principles: worship fully, spend less, give more, love all.

 As we race to the finish line of the due date of December 24, there is much to be done, to be ready, to have the food, the gifts, the plans, all in place.  When we get to the due date, and we truly celebrate the birth of God Incarnate, God with us,  Will God be with us?  Or will we have dropped Him somewhere between Target and the Mall?

We can only really be prepared for the Christ child if we truly worship fully. Worship is a selfless act of praising God, giving thanks, asking for forgiveness and hearing and receiving the Word in our lives.  Spending less and giving more are the practices required in being more intentional as will think about being stewards and acquiring less, so we have space for more.

Finally, we are at loving all.  Imagine if this Advent and Christmas Season we truly desired to love all. Here is an article from the Advent Conspiracy to get your thoughts flowing:

Love All

Don’t judge Christmas by how it looks currently in our culture, not all is as it

seems. Christmas is a deeply subversive story about a young family navigating

political policies, and family shame. It’s about workers on the edge of society,

in overlooked towns. It also happens to be story of how the world was saved.

This Christmas the invitation is to scratch beneath the surface of the headlines,

to pay attention to God’s story and what he is doing. To see glory in humility.

God loves to work in the margins with those who have been overlooked.

Its why we have chosen to spend less on the flash of Christmas and

decided to love those who have been neglected. To go to the places

that don’t grab the headlines and provide clean water, to go to the

needs in our very own city, and pay attention to the people there. To

do the hard work of caring and looking to the needs of others.

We believe God has come to us in our obscurity when we didn’t deserve his

generous gift of love and life, and so feel the best way to celebrate is to do the same.

The story beckons us to not get drawn into hype. The story beckons us to

remember that God works with “out of the way people” in “out of the way places”.

Scratch beneath the story of consumerism and you’ll find a

story worth celebrating, and a king worth following.

I pray you have a very blessed Christmas season.

Don’t forget the baby.



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