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Dr. Renaud Gerve of Haiti:  Update July 2, 2018

Posted by Orchard Park

Dr. Renaud Gerve has been heavily involved in the Mobile Clinic in the least accessible villages in the northeastern mountains of Haiti. OPPC has been the major, if not the sole supporter of this endeavor.  The general goal is to increase the standard of living in each village and as a result, their health increases. 

In addition to diagnosing and treating ailments, Dr. Renaud looks to the general needs of each village. One of the major problems in the villages is malnutrition. To address this we promoted alternative Christmas gifts, including goats and nutritional supplements for kids. His brother, Renand, helps farmers improve their crops. In Ganga, some students were too young to walk to a village with a school, so OPPC member Becky Atz suggested they consider sending a teacher, and they now have 2. With some villages it is possible to network, for instance, Vincent (who we put through electrical engineering school) is supported by OPPC through the hospital in Mombin Crochu and had established clean springs in more than 40 villages. He will also be heading a latrine program, specifically to address the Cholera problem.

To improve the effectiveness of these clinics, OPPC members contributed funds to purchase a vehicle and to build a house in Chervin, his home.  The house is essentially done, but is still needing solar panels (we have 13 in California-getting them to Haiti could be interesting) and assorted solar equipment (currently using a generator) Still needing some kitchen equipment and need to purchase beds and the rest of the stuff needed to make it useful for teams.

The vehicle has enabled him to drive to most villages with personnel and supplies.

While we have focused on the Mobile Clinic which Dr. Renaud runs during weekdays, he also runs a full time clinic in Cap Haitien, Haiti‚Äôs second largest town. Poverty is a serious problem throughout Haiti and many cannot afford any healthcare.  The clinic charges 50 Gourdes (about 80 cents) per visit, which includes medicine and lab work. Last year the clinic burned and restarting has been a challenge.  


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