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2018 Caravan Mission Trip Blog #1

Posted by Orchard Park Youth
The day was rough, many hardships about. We arrived safely last night to Camp Evans and unpacked quickly due to the pouring rain. We had a quick intro to the former military base in which Becca Counen learned there were no showers and we had to in fact use Dixie cups. (Ha Ha!) This morning, the girls were jolted awake at 5:30 AM since Grace Kearns had set her alarm in order to ensure we were not late to our 7:30 orientation.
After a feast of cereal and bagels and learning about the families God brought us here to serve, we were off. One group went off to Seeds of Service (SOS) and helped with many tasks including dry wall and insulation installation. They learned that, despite common thought, you can’t eat lunch with a mask on. They also learned that it might not be the best idea to send the tallest boys to Home Depot for 4 hours when you’re trying to work on the ceiling. Additionally, they found that in order to do work you actually have to bring the tools, and that to sit down you need a chair. In short, this group’s biggest takeaway is that Pastor Mike (AKA Jersey Mike) is awesome and he gets our seal of approval.
Another group went to the mold infested house and attempted to thrive. They did not. In fact, they were kicked out of their first duty and the group was assigned to redecorate the backyard, which was previously the home of insects and random tires. Uncle Scott got his fingernails done with the girls.
A third group went to a site to help put up drywall. We enjoyed lunch at the beach as a break from our heavy lifting and intense drywall putting upping after we attempted to use the restroom at a convenience store and were briskly turned away. We also enjoyed rubbing dish soap on ourselves when we got home after forgetting to put on work gloves while handling insulation.
A last small group helped with a house’s foundation and enjoyed putting up drywall and the noises accompanying it; the birds singing, the ocean waves crashing, and 3 old volunteer men (not the ones from OPPC) bickering for 6 hours straight.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADAM! Hello Susan, and goodbye Pastor Mike!

Lots of love,
The Purple Group
(Laura, Rachel, Becca, Gannon, Graham, Anna, Angie, Serena, Michael, Ian, Dan, and Nancy)

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